Local SEO and WordPress Specialist

    Local SEO and WordPress Specialist

    Local SEO

    Hi, Elaine here.

    If you need your brick and mortar business to stand out in Search Engines, I can be of assistance.

    I also know all things WordPress, and enjoy helping people one-on-one remotely.

    I assist people who need help in any of the following:

    1. Local Search Engine Optimization
    2. Google My Business Set-up
    3. Citations, Business Directory Listings
    4. WordPress Tutoring
    5. Image Editing and Publishing Images
    6. Setting Up Sidebar, Footers, Widgets
    7. Color Customizations and Graphics
    8. HTML/Code editing
    9. On Page Search Engine Optimization
    10. Social Media Sharing Settings

    If we work well together and you would like my help, we can discuss payment agreement. I ask $25/hr.

    For one-on-one help, please reach out to me by clicking the following link:

    ~~>  Reach me on Skype.

    I prefer Skype for the ability to share my screen, and easy, free, online communication. I also have Zoom if you prefer to share screens that way.

    Please get in touch by SKYPE if you want my help. You may also phone me at 1-204-818-5757.

    Looking forward to helping,

    ~ Elaine

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